One-on-one sessions for artists, makers, and mystics. Learn what intellectual property is and how to use it to grow your income. Advance your practice and protect your unique creations.



Small group learning for creatives, collectors, and institutions. Understand contracts, intellectual property, creative rights, tax and estate planning, freedom of expression, and art markets.


Custom Solutions

Support for individuals, communities, and institutions. Learn values-based, equitable strategies to foster career growth, form successful collaborations, and scale your creative business.

Protect Your Magic

Creativity is magic.

Your creative works are unique, special, and deserving of protection.

Katherine helps you protect your creative magic through legal education, business development, collaborative negotiation, and strategic career planning.

With a firm hold on what’s important to artists and how to protect them throughout their careers, Katherine's practice is informed by her desire to create more accountability in the art world and to help artists thrive.

Katherine understands the disconnect so often felt between the artistic and legal realms. She blends her legal and art historical expertise to build community, raise consciousness, support creators, and leverage art as a vehicle for change.


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