Learn what intellectual property is and how to use it to grow your income and advance your creative practice.


Legal literacy for all.
Understand contracts, intellectual property, creative rights, tax and estate planning, freedom of expression, and art markets.

Custom Solutions

For individuals and institutions.
Design values-based, equitable strategies to foster growth, create successful collaborations, and scale your creative business.


You have so many questions.

Your creative business is growing, your work is in demand, and you’re not sure how to navigate the many questions that frequently arise. You find yourself wondering about copyright, taxes, and contract negotiations. You know you should be protecting your work and planning for the future, but you don't know how to do so.

Education is the key to empowerment.

Katherine will share knowledge and strategies, as well as guide you through specific business and legal circumstances that will present themselves time and again throughout your artistic collaborations. And she'll explain without legal jargon, academic snobbery, and opaque fee structures.

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