Protected: Double Gross: Jamie Costa’s “Test Footage”

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  1. As an artist, I sincerely found Costa’s in latest fan film amazing, but…..I sincerely felt a bit offended with several parts of it: 1) It’s NOT a “test footage.” 2) the blatant exploitation of Belushi’s passing to invoke seriousness of scene to viewers. And 3) there was no display of credits for its creation, which should’ve been provided. It’s absense made piece feel stolen for personal use, which I’ve been victimized with myself for creativity in past. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope this gets rectified for Costa’s sake. He’s extremely talented and would absolutely propel any biopic of the late Williams.

  2. It appears that Costa has removed the video from his channel. Someone else re-uploaded it in two formats after they noticed it had disappeared, and as much as I was amazed by Costa’s talent as an impersonator, I agree with this article, so I linked to it in a comment on both formats videos, in an effort to take those down as well. Thank you for both acknowledging Costa’s talent AND showing why the video as it was presented is, as you say, double gross.

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