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de Vos Devine Law, PLLC provides artists, galleries, collectors, and creative entrepreneurs with affordable services that meet their specific needs.

We see every creative career as history in progress, which helps our clients make intentional, legacy-driven decisions in all stages of their lives. Our approach is holistic, welcoming, and accessible. We particularly welcome non-traditional, neurodivergent, and progressive clients. 

Our office is located in Asheville’s vibrant Cowork at Center for Craft, a diverse and resilient community that provides us with constant inspiration.


Katherine de Vos Devine
a mystical moon

Katherine de Vos Devine

Founder | Attorney | PhD

Katherine earned her JD from Duke University School of Law. She also holds a PhD in Art History (Contemporary Art and Copyright), MA in Art History (Art Markets), and BA in Art History from Duke University.

She uses her interdisciplinary training in art, law, and markets to help clients protect their intellectual property and plan for the full breadth of their legacies, including their art collection, philanthropic vision, and creative values.  

Katherine gets you, and truly cares. She will truly listen to you, and tailor your agreements to your very specific needs, and think of 10 things you forgot or didn’t know existed. I have used Legal Zoom and done things on my own before, and I feel a very clear difference working with Katherine, knowing that I am truly putting myself in a good position for growing my business. It makes me feel safer, more cared for, and able to be bolder in my business itself.


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