A Lawyer who speaks artist

Katherine is a lawyer, but also a formally educated art historian, which means she sees every creative career as a history in progress

She uses her interdisciplinary training to help artists and creatives make intentional, legacy-driven decisions in all stages of their careers.

Katherine de Vos Devine
a mystical moon

Katherine de Vos Devine

Founder | Attorney | Art Historian

Katherine earned her JD from Duke University School of Law and her PhD, MA, and BA in Art History from Duke University. This extensive training helps her think in non-hierarchical, cross-disciplinary patterns and form collaborative, empowering relationships with her clients. 

Katherine founded de Vos Devine Law, PLLC to provide artists, galleries, collectors, and entrepreneurs with affordable legal services that meet their specific needs. 

Her field is usually described as “art law,” a broad field encompassing property, intellectual property, contract, constitutional, tort, tax, and commercial law. However, because these areas of law apply to all kinds of creative work, her practice embraces all kinds of creators.

Our team is located in Asheville’s vibrant River Arts District, a diverse, resilient community that provides us with constant inspiration. 


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