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Dr. Katherine de Vos Devine is your advocate and guide. She helps artists shape their creative legacies through holistic estate planning, strategic business development, intellectual property protection, and purposeful agreements.

legal services for artists and other creatives

A Lawyer Who Speaks Artist

I’m a lawyer, but also a formally trained art historian. 

This interdisciplinary training helps me see the impact of small decisions on the longer trajectory of an artist’s career. To me, every creative career is a history in progress.

I speak artist.

I want to hear your story and understand your dreams.

I want to help you, but also teach you how to help yourself.

Katherine de Vos Devine

Let's talk about your unique magic.

Seeking legal counsel and services can be an intimidating prospect, which is why hiring Katherine was such a blessing. She combines trusted knowledge with high levels of individualized attention that made my experience feel deeply grounded in care and professionalism. I felt that I had a committed partner to guide me through every step of the process with careful thought and intention. She transformed an experience that could have felt cold and tedious into something truly meaningful and empowering. I'm so grateful!

The Legal Maze

Guiding your path

Do I really have an “estate”?
What is copyright, anyway?
How do I start a creative business?

You find yourself wondering if you need a will, if you should have a trademark, how to negotiate a contract, and if you forgot an important business filing. You know you should be taking precautions and planning for your future, but you don’t know how to do so.

Our services are designed to meet you where you are, then guide you toward clarity and confidence.

  • Estate Planning
  • Business Formation
  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Contracts
  • Educational Workshops
  • Artist Legacy Clinics
  • And Other Magic…
A ceramics artist works on shaping a vessel at her pottery wheel

We work with:

  • Artists
  • Galleries
  • Curators
  • Collectors
  • Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Museums
  • Mystics

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