“Authenticity is a daily practice.” – Brene Brown

Each symbol in our firm’s branding – the star, moon, book, scales, and eye – represents one of our firm’s values. This post explains our commitment to AUTHENTICITY.

You thought an open book would represent wisdom or knowledge, huh? Yes, we’re highly educated attorneys. (I have four degrees; Robert has six.) We hold book learning in high esteem, and we know that you are choosing us for our extensive training and experience. But you are also choosing us because of who we are – and who we can help you become. 

We define “authenticity” as “actions and words aligned with belief and values.” It’s an active definition because authentic isn’t something you become, it’s something you do. Each of us is constantly shifting, changing, growing, learning, and improving. There is no end to the process of becoming authentic, especially when you choose a creative, unconventional path.

We understand the risks and rewards of a creative, unconventional path because we chose that path ourselves. Earning our academic and professional credentials was difficult, but building a family and firm that truly reflected our values was much harder. Making authentic choices meant accepting lots of negative feedback, negotiating with tons of self-doubt, and developing the strength and patience to see our visions through. Now, our professional and personal experiences enable us to act as trusted advisors to clients walking the same path. 

Our business formation process isn’t limited to writing operating agreements – we will also help you identify your own core values, develop best practices that reflect your values, and prepare policies that help you enact these values on a daily basis. When we plan estates, we create an Asset Inventory, but we also prepare a Values Inventory to ensure that your heirs receive your wisdom, too. We believe that professional and personal legacies are built brick-by-brick, day-by-day, through many small actions and decisions. 

Authenticity is the foundation of our approach. We will support you as you identify your values and help you put them into practice.

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