Legal Services for creative people

We see every creative career as a history in progress.

When we help you grow your creative career, we create a blueprint for the future based on your values and beliefs, to realize your dreams and goals. 

We craft your estate plan as a blueprint for the life you want to lead and the creative legacy you leave behind. Planning isn’t just about money; it’s about your values, beliefs, dreams, and goals.

We chart the whole constellation, then help you reach for the stars, one step at a time.

Katherine de Vos Devine

We Provide:


We help clients plan for the full breadth of their legacies, including their intellectual property, art collection, philanthropic vision, and artistic values. 

Our approach to estate planning is holistic, inclusive, and death-positive. Non-traditional, neurodivergent, and progressive clients are particularly welcome. 

We’re here to help plan for your future – however you imagine it.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the heart of your creative legacy. It is your responsibility to protect it well and share it carefully.

We can help you with copyright and trademark registration, licensing, developing creative collaborations, sending cease-and-desist letters, and much more.

We help you feel excited and secure about sharing your creative work with the world.


BUSINESS services

Selling your first painting? Opening an apothecary? Starting a nonprofit? 

Whether you’re just getting started or scaling a successful creative business, having your affairs in order helps you take creative risks with confidence.

We can help you with entity setup, founding documents, partnership agreements, legal questions about tax filings, and other start-up needs.



Contracts help us establish clear and appropriate expectations when sharing our work and collaborating with others. 

We don’t just draft contracts – we craft old-fashioned agreements that reflect a true meeting of the minds.

We can help you collaborate with others, license your artwork, hire your first employee, negotiate a consulting gig, or publish your fifth book. 


Oh, and one more thing:

No surprise fees. Ever.

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