Resource Guide for Mountain Bizworks’ Legal Live Q&A for Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs

Thanks for joining me for the Legal Q+A! Participants contributed amazing questions, creating a rich, broad conversation about many issues affecting artists, makers, and other creative entrepreneurs. The replay is available here: Legal Live Q&A for Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs Below are numerous resources discussed in the webinar. RENT & MORTGAGE National Apartment Association Covid-19 Legal […]

It Pays to Be Friends

Kayne West and Kid Cudi

Actor Jamie Foxx sang the sample of “I’ve Got a Woman” on Kanye West’s “Gold Digger,” but he wasn’t West’s first choice. Foxx was hired when Ray Charles’ estate refused to license his performance of “I’ve Got a Woman.” Foxx, having recently played Charles in a film biopic, was the obvious replacement. (Music nerds should […]

McMansion Hell in Legal Hell

Zillow recently sent a cease-and-desist letter to the owner of one of my favorite parody sites. McMansion Hell, marvelous brainchild of architecture critic Kate Wagner, is a trenchant look at the sprawling manors that dominate wealthy suburban towns. Unfortunately, due to the legal imbroglio, McMansion Hell is down right now, but you can still visit its […]