Resource Guide for Mountain Bizworks’ Legal Live Q&A for Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs

Thanks for joining me for the Legal Q+A! Participants contributed amazing questions, creating a rich, broad conversation about many issues affecting artists, makers, and other creative entrepreneurs. The replay is available here: Legal Live Q&A for Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs Below are numerous resources discussed in the webinar. RENT & MORTGAGE National Apartment Association Covid-19 Legal […]

#NotMe: Andrea Bowers Apologizes for Appropriated Image

Andrea Bowers, “Open Secret,” 2018-2019, installation on view at Art Basel

Earlier this week, writer Helen Donahue discovered that artist Andrea Bowers had included images of her bruised face, collarbone, and shoulders in Open Secret, currently on view at Art Basel. Donahue had not been consulted about Bowers’ use of the image, and sought help from followers on Twitter to have the image removed from the artwork. […]

It Pays to Be Friends

Kayne West and Kid Cudi

Actor Jamie Foxx sang the sample of “I’ve Got a Woman” on Kanye West’s “Gold Digger,” but he wasn’t West’s first choice. Foxx was hired when Ray Charles’ estate refused to license his performance of “I’ve Got a Woman.” Foxx, having recently played Charles in a film biopic, was the obvious replacement. (Music nerds should […]

Bitter Brew: Why The Hoodwitch Should Hex Starbucks

Starbucks recently introduced a “Crystal Ball Frappuccino,” presumably hoping for a sequel to its wildly successful Unicorn Frappuccino. Here is Starbucks’ Crystal Ball Frappuccino Instagram post from March 22, 2018: Purple, green or blue—they say the Crystal Ball Frappuccino chooses you. ✨? Available in US, Canada and Mexico…while the magic lasts. A post shared by […]

McMansion Hell in Legal Hell

Zillow recently sent a cease-and-desist letter to the owner of one of my favorite parody sites. McMansion Hell, marvelous brainchild of architecture critic Kate Wagner, is a trenchant look at the sprawling manors that dominate wealthy suburban towns. Unfortunately, due to the legal imbroglio, McMansion Hell is down right now, but you can still visit its […]

Seriously, Let’s Clear This Up

The diverse and intense attention paid to Arturo Di Modica’s Charging Bull and Kristen Visbal’s Fearless Girl is exciting; I’m not used to hearing so many voices, from so many quarters, weighing in on artists’ rights. And, unlike the last controversy of this magnitude (Richard Prince’s New Portraits), opinions are divided. Stories about artists’ rights seem to capture and sustain public attention when the issues at hand are […]